Adastra Cymru Ltd

Organization name: Adastra Cymru Ltd
Organization type: Company (services)
Role in the project: Associated partner

Description of the organization:          

Adastra Cymru is a media production company based in Swansea in south-west Wales (UK). Founded in 1989, Adastra specialises in content creation and management, web and digital design and development, e-learning production, and developing and supporting UK and European projects.

FEIGHT is the fifth European project in which the company has participated as a partner since 2010. It has also played a major role as subcontractor in six Leonardo da Vinci projects. From 2005–2008 Adastra was co-leader of an €800,000 European Social Fund project in Wales.

As a private company with extensive experience of European and international working, Adastra Cymru brings knowledge of entrepreneurship, international entrepreneurship and cultural diversity to this project.


Contact details:

7 Upper Church Park, Mumbles, Swansea SA3 4DD, Wales, UK

+44 (0)1792 363 145 / +44 (0)7932 102 815