Stichting IVN

Organization name: Stichting IVN
Organization type: Non-profit organization active in the field of voluntary service
Role in the project: Applicant organization

Description of the organization: 

IVN (Association for Environmental Education) is a Dutch NGO for environmental education (EE), where some 100 professionals and 18,000 volunteers throughout the Netherlands have a joint mission: to contribute to a sustainable society by involving people in nature and their environment.

The IVN expertise includes advice, training and products on environmental education and communication, education for sustainable development, raising awareness, participation and curriculum development. IVN has special expertise in EE themes such as energy, water, climate, nature and biodiversity.

IVN has been an active member of the IUCN (World Conservation Union) for the last 40 years.

IVN is responsible for the education and communication programmes of all 20 National Parks in the Netherlands. It cooperates across a diverse range of activities with local, provincial and national authorities, schools, other NGOs, institutes for nature and water management, and private-sector companies.


Contact details:

PO BOX 6095, 9702 HB, Groningen, The Netherlands

+31 (0)50 3135 933