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Project Meeting in Palazzolo sull’Oglio (IT) from 13th to 14th of March 2014


The fifth meeting of the Leonardo da Vinci  Transfer of Innovation Project  “FEIGHT - The 8 solutions for fighting early school leaving in VET”, reference number 2012-1-NL1-LEO05-08728, was organized by Shalom Cooperativa Sociale ONLUS in Palazzolo sull’Oglio, ITALY, between 13th and 14th of March 2014.

All the organizations involved in the project, including the subcontractors, were represented  in the meeting.

The first day of the meeting took place in Clusane d’Iseo Vocational and Training School.

From 9.00 to 10.00 we visited the laboratories. A second and a fourth class group presented the school activities and the  Real Assignment and Peer Training workshops in English. We had plenty of explanations about the alcohol free cocktails served for us at the bar and about the lunch based on traditional Lombard receipts the students were preparing in the cooking and pastry laboratories.

Then the delegation met in the teachers’ room and the President of the Vocational Regional VET Schools of the County of Brescia, Mr. Mascaretti, shown the figures concerning the number of neets in our county.  The VET regional schools are offering  a second chance to the students that abandoned the high and technical state schools.

Then the members of the project group presented  a part of their work. Mr. Ahmet Boylu from Nimem and  Mrs. Eda Tavşanoğlu from Dimem, presented two Quality Assurance Procedures each and Mrs. Cristina Stefan (QMED), as the management coordinator of the project remind them that all the organizations working with schools (IVN, Shalom, Dimem and Nimem) have to collect the same kind of information in order to be able to compare the results. Mrs. Giusi Faccoli from Clusane VET School presented the results  of the questionaries related to the procedure “Monitoring the students in risk of early school leaving”. Mrs Stefana Corsei from  Shalom  Community made a synthesis regarding the Package Work 5, Quality Assurance Procedures to prevent and fight early school leaving in VET schools.                                                                                                                   

At the lunch time, the project partners have been invited in the dining room where the future waiters and cookers served us a very appreciated lunch, as the result of using the two innovative methods: Real Assignment and Peer Training.

Then, the group visited the Guido Berlucchi Cellars in Corte Franca, one of the most important sparkling wines cellar in Italy and we ended the day with a boat trip on Iseo Lake admiring the typical Lombardy lakes landscape.

The group spent the second day of the Project meeting in Palazzolo sull’Oglio. All the participants arrived at the Shalom Community at 9.00 and they were welcomed by the major of the town, Mr. Gabriele Zanni. Mr. Primo Ghilardi, the President of Shalom Cooperativa Sociale ONLUS since 1987, presented the history of the Community and the opportunities this association gives to the young drug or alcohol addicted people that live inside from 5 to 6 years and usually have a work when they go out. The group  visited some of the workshops and living spaces of the Community. Then the girls organized two workshops (dance and painting on ceramic plates with oil colors) based on peer learning and real life methods.

After lunch, we met toghether in the conference room where the  UVAM representative presented the results of the intermediary external evaluation of the project and  Ms.  Eda Tavşanoğlu from Dimem  presented the summary of the Dissemination activities developed since then by the partners. Mr. Kees Siderius made a 2 minutes summary of the topics that are still to be clarified with Shalom, Dimem and Nimem regarding the financial Interim report. Every of the 3 mentioned partners will receive a mail with the documents the financial responsible from IVN has still to send.

After that, Mrs. Cristina Stefan (QMED) - as the management coordinator of the project - leaded the discussion about the tasks we had to fulfill so far, explained the partners' tasks for the following weeks. We agreed with the deadlines for every work package. Shalom has to prepare the Protocol of the meeting with the tasks for all the organizations involved in the consortium.

At the end of the day we visit together some important medieval remains in Palazollo sull'Oglio.