Overview Meeting Assen

The second meeting of the FEIGHT-project was held in Assen, Netherlands. Participants from all the partners were present.

The first day was devoted to the transfer of the IVN ‘Schools for Sustainability’-method to all the partners.

After a short introduction of the method by Kees Siderius of IVN, all participants were divided into two groups to work on a real assignment, which is the core of the SfS-method. A real assignment from a real client with the support from real experts will entice students to explore society outside the realm of their familiar school environment. 


In this methodology students will form a consultancy to work on the real assignment. Each student is playing a role within the consultancy and research. In this meeting the participants  played the role of students and so learning the method.


As background information the participants received leaflets of the National Park Drentsche Aa, one of the 20 Dutch National Parks. After that the participants formed two different groups to work on the same assignment. To get a better view of the assignment IVN organized a bus tour to the National Park. At the end of the day, the National Park representative Mr. Brasse came to the meeting place. Both groups presented their solution and their model of the ‘nature playground’ with a lively, informative and sometimes funny presentation.


To conclude the day, Mr Kees Siderius (IVN) summarizes the project day, as a mini-example of a real SfS-project with a real assignment. In doing, all the participants learned how such a project works and how students will experience the challenges of a real assignment.

The second meeting day starts with an introduction on ‘Multiple Intelligences’ by Mrs. Nathalie Pakvis (IVN).


Website-designer Mr. Marco Nieborg explaines his concept of the Feight-website and discusses with the participants several options for design. After the meeting he will make a manual for Teamlab and send it to all participants.


Mrs. Lieke Dreijerink of the University of Amsterdam (IVAM) shows the group a PowerPoint with their proposals for the evaluation of the project. Each evaluation step is discussed with all participants. After the meeting IVAM adjusts their proposals according to the group decisions.

IVAM also will produce two questionniares: one for the schools in the projects and one for the partners. Evaluation will be held in the first and in the second year of the project.


Mrs Cristina Stefan (Qmed) coordinates the meeting, as the management coordinator of the project FEIGHT and leads a discussion about several financial en technical issues of the project. This is summarized in a list of tasks for all partners.