Overview Meeting Nazili

Nazilli Meeting Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation Project FEIGHT

“The 8 solutions for fighting early school leaving in VET”


Nazilli, Turkey, 10-11/10/2013



The fourth meeting of the Leonardo da Vinci Project for Transfer of Innovation FEIGHT (The 8 solutions for fighting early school leaving in VET), reference number 2012-1-NL1-LEO05-08728, was organised by Nazilli İlçe Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü (NIMEM) in Nazilli, Turkey, between 10st and 11nd of October 2013.

The following organizations involved in the project meetings in Nazilli.

Nazilli İlçe Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü (NIMEM)

Darıca İlçe Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü (DIMEM)

Quarter Mediation (QMED)

Stichting IVN (IVN)

Universteit van Amsterdam (UvA))

Shalom Center (SHALOM)


Thursday, 10/10/2013

The first day of the meeting took place in three Vocational High Schools and in Teacher’s House Meeting Room.

The participants met at Nysa Hotel and at 08:30 and went to Nazilli Vocational Religious School (Nazilli Anadolu İmam Hatip Lisesi) by a bus that was arranged by NIMEM. Real Assignment and Peer Training activities which were presented by the students were monitored and discussed by the participants. Real Assignment method was about planning and making a model of mosque and its facilities. The students worked in groups of five and presented their work. Ms. Sibel Şancı, member of Feight Project Team of Vocational Religious High School, translated the presentation simultaneously. As Peer Training activity, the school prepared Ebru and Callighraphy workshop. The 9th grade students painted and drew pictures and Arabic writing under the supervision of two skilled peer trainers.

The participants in the project meeting visited the Medical Vocational High School (Nazilli Anadolu Sağlık Meslek Lisesi) at 10:30. This school prepared a real assignment workshop. A practical presentation about first aid were presented by two groups of students to 30 students from Şehitler Primary School. The delegation had a meeting with Quality Assurance Team in the teacher’s room during the coffee break. Mr. Faruk Ercan, Director of National Education Directorate of Nazilli City (NIMEM), also attended the meeting.

At 12:00 the project partners visited Technical and Industrial Vocational High School (Nazilli Anadolu Teknik ve Endüstri Meslek Lisesi). This school implemented two innovative methods: Real Assignment and Peer Training. The Provincial National Education Directorate of Aydın City wanted Student Advisor’s Room to be designed and produced by them. So, a group of students, who study in “Furniture Construction Department”, started working on this project. The students presented their work step-by-step using slide show. As peer training activity two good chess player and 8 beginners had chess session on a big chess board in the playground. 

At 13:00 the project partners had lunch at Lara Restaurant in Sümerpark.

After lunch the Project partners went to Teacher’s House meeting room. After the welcome speach of Mr. Faruk Ercan, Director of NIMEM,  the project partners made presentations about Quality Assurance Procedure and the activities of Qualitiy Assurance Teams in their countries.

Firstly, Mrs. Stefana Corsei (SHALOM) presented and gave details about the Quality Assurance System in schools in their region. She also mentioned Quality Assurance System of Clusane VET  School Resources for preventing early school leaving. Mrs. Guiseppina Faccoli gave information about the activities of Quality Assurance Teams they have done so far in Clusane VET School.

Secondly, Mr. Kees Siderius (IVN) made a presentation about Quality Assurance Procedure and “Real Assignment Method”.

After that, Mr. Ahmet Boylu (NIMEM) made a presentation about continuing activities of Quality Assurance Teams of Schools and the reasons for early school leaving.

Ms. Eda Tavşanoğlu (DIMEM) presented the activities they have done so far in Darıca.

Mrs. Cristina Stefan (QMED) proposed a draft form for quality assurance procedures and presented two good practice examples of standard quality assurance procedures; the procedures are already available in Teamlab and all the schools involved in the project must pilot the mentioned procedures under the coordination of IVN, SHALOM, NIMEM and DIMEM and give feedback till the end of November 2013.

At the end of the day, the project participants went to the city center, walked along the shopping street, then went to Gönülhanı Restaurant for common dinner.

Friday, 11/10/2013

The external evaluation of FEIGHT Project consists of Process Evaluation and Impact Evaluation. So, in Nazilli Meeting Ms. Lieke Dreijerink, on behalf of UvA (responsible for external evaluation), presented the intermediate evaluation report according to the data they collected from project teams and teachers/trainers of the organizations involved in the project.

Mrs. Cristina Stefan (QMED) - as the management coordinator of the project - led the discussion in order to prepare and finalize the Technical Intermediary Report to be submitted to the Dutch NA till the end of October 2013.

Mr. Kees Siderius (IVN) – as the representative of the applicant organization- summarized the financial situation presented so far by the project partners.

Mrs. Cristina Stefan (QMED) summarized and discussed the last day and made the proposal to start the works with a discussion about the changes of the project meeting dates. It is decided to change the dates of the project meeting in Italy (from March to May 2014) and final conference in Turkey (from June to September 2014) 

After having common lunch the partners visited Nysa Ancient Town and then went to Nazilli city to have Turkish coffee.