In the project we intend to develop a training course for VET teachers working with VET students, as a particular target group with a higher risk of drop-out than in general education.

To address this target, the project focuses on the importance of continuous training for VET teachers who face the necessity of reducing the number of early school leavers by the end of this decade. Reducing early school leaving is essential for achieving a number of key objectives in the Europe 2020 strategy.

We will develop quality assurance procedures for reducing drop-outs in VET schools, to be included in schools’ general quality management. We will additionally propose special quality assurance teams for dealing with and coordinating the implementation of quality assurance procedures during the life of the project, as well as after the project ends. 

Activities Shalom

Workshop 1 Shalom, March 2014

Workshop 2 Shalom, March 2014

Activities NIMEM

Workshop 1 NIMEM, October 2013

Workshop 2 NIMEM, October 2013

Activities Adastra

Workshop ADASTRA, March 2013

Activities Quarter Mediation

Workshop SfS QMED, April 2013