Effective Webdesign

Organization name: Effective Webdesign
Organization type: Company (services)
Role in the project: Subcontractor: web design and web management

Description of the organization:          

Effective Webdesign, based in Zuidlaren, the Netherlands, is a company engaged in designing, maintaining and managing websites. 

The services we offer are: Web design, Web hosting,Website management, Domain registration, Email, Backup

We build websites not only for Dutch companies but also European institutions. We have developed websites for various purposes such as magazines, education, blogs, transport organizations, charities and businesses.

Effective Webdesign builds websites using the Typo3 Content Management System, WordPress and PrestaShop.


Contact details:

De Hilde 62, 9472 WG, Zuidlaren, The Netherlands

+31 (0)6 425 12 880