Quarter Mediation

Organization name: Quarter Mediation
Organization type: Adult education provider
Role in the project: Management coordinator

Description of the organization:          

Quarter Mediation is an adult education provider based in the Netherlands, with branches in Cyprus, France, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Romania and Turkey. It organizes Comenius and Grundtvig courses at European level, as well as courses at national level. Its areas of expertise are in both General Education and Vocational Education and Training.

Quarter Mediation has as its main aims to promote lifelong learning and to create a link between the education system (both general education and VET) and the labour market.

With extensive experience and expertise in The Lifelong Learning Programme 2007–2013 and the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme, Quarter Mediation is a partner in a diverse range of projects, organizing events and promoting the image of different organizations and bodies. 

Quarter Mediation works both with individuals (students, teachers, people in the labour market, decision makers in the field of education, VET specialists etc.) and institutions at local, national and international level (schools, universities, small, medium and large enterprises, associations, NGOs, municipal, regional and national authorities etc.).


Contact details:

Lessinglaan 52, 3533AX, Utrecht, The Netherlands

+31(0)616 752 748