Shalom Community

Organization name: Shalom Community
Organization type: Non-profit organization active in the field of voluntary service
Role in the project: Core partner

Shalom Community

Description of the organization:          

The Shalom Community was founded in 1986 to help young people in serious difficulty with drugs or alcohol to recover and return into society. Today there are some 130 girls and 150 boys who are guests in the Community. Twenty trainers, tutors and clerks help the director to organize all the activities.

Generally it takes about two years for the young people to reach a point where they are able to contribute some useful housework, help in the kitchen and the courtyard or take care of the domestic animals. Then all the young guests up to the age of 16, and all those wanting to take a high-school diploma, have to follow the same curriculum and take the same examinations as children in external schools. They study every day with 80–90 volunteer teachers inside the Community and at the end of each school year they have to pass final examinations in the schools where they entered their application forms. The teachers in the schools plan the annual programme of activities.

Volunteer experts organize weekly extracurricular activities including classical, rock and folk music, opera singing, dance, craft and painting.

Continuing support is provided by the staff, local institutions and various enterprises for those who lived in the Community for six years and took a diploma to enter the labour market.


Contact details:

Via Raspina n.3, 25036, Palazzolo sull'Oglio, Italy

+39 (0)307 301 741